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Are you afraid of clowns?

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Are you afraid of clowns? Well, if you live in Flocksdale, you should be. Don’t miss the startling conclusion to the Flocksdale Files trilogy: Carnival of Dead Girls:



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Cheerleading Can Be Murder and Have You Seen This Girl have been nominated for the Summer Indie Awards! Big thanks to those who nominated them 🙂

If you haven’t read them yet, you can check them out here!

Cheerleading Can Be Murder:

Have You Seen This Girl:

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Fall into Magic!

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I’m doing a boxset in October with some of these lovely ladies! Make sure you check out this incredible collection of stories for only 99 cents! 🙂

The ULTIMATE paranormal romance & urban fantasy boxed set from 20 of THE hottest NY TIMES, USA Today & bestselling authors. If you like witches, vampires, shifters, mages and more you will LOVE this collection. 20 bestselling stories. Only 99c. For limited time only. Get your copy now.




A Free Book.

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For the first time, Cutting Up the Competition is FREE to download!

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And don’t forget to check out book one, Cheerleading Can Be Murder! Book three, Killer Moves, will release Nov 22, 2017.

Nothing about Amanda Loxx’s life has ever been normal. Her mom is an addict and her father was shot down by police when she was ten. But just when she thought life couldn’t get any crazier, a copycat “sociopath” is on the loose.

The other girls assume its simply a prank…a copycat looking for attention and trying to scare off the competition.

But when a cheerleader is found murdered and another attacked, history seems to be repeating itself. A haunting chant: We got murder, yes me do! We got murder, how about you? is just the first of many threatening letters to Amanda, Sydney, and Dakota. As though trying out for the cheerleading squad with the freakishly talented new freshman girls isn’t bad enough, now the girls have another killer on their hands. Horror High is living up to its name this year…

And they don’t call it Horror High for nothing…

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