Posted: November 3, 2016 in Uncategorized
DARK LEGENDS  – Only 99 cents for a limited time! Preorder your copy today.
Warning: Dark Legends contains over one million words of hot paranormal action. There will be Shifters, Mermaids, Ghosts, Sirens, Vampires, Trolls, Dragons, Sorcerers, Warriors, Angels, Faeries, Demons, Witches, Psychics, Mythology, Folk Tales, Legends, Dark Magic, Time Travel, and More!
Want to read a free sample? Download yours here: https://www.instafreebie.com/free/eAt5E
My never before released story, Midnight Moss, is included in this amazing set! Here’s a bit more about it:
This is the day Dorothea Landry dreamed of…
Fresh out of high school and stalling on college, all she wants is a little freedom.
So when she’s offered the opportunity to move into her grandmother’s old house in Black Cat Springs, she simply can’t refuse the deal. Cheap rent and distance from her parents is exactly what she’s always wanted…and a handsome new neighbor seals the deal.
But as soon as she moves to Black Cat Springs, she’s immediately drawn to a mysterious fence in the woods, and despite her better judgement and the dark legends beyond, she sneaks inside, learning that some things from her past are better left contained…
A twisted town with a mind boggling past is about to become Dorothea’s future. And whatever she does, one thing is certain—she cannot trust her instincts.
For those of you who are fans of my Horror High series, I revealed the cover for Killer Moves this week! Killer Moves comes out Nov 22nd!

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