Celebration Glass Time!

Posted: May 19, 2016 in Uncategorized


Sometimes you just have to break out the celebration glass!
This week has been exciting.
Not only because Cutting Up the Competition (Horror High Book #2) went up for preorder, but because I received my contracts for Killer Moves (Horror High Book #3) and Searching for Sullivan, my ghost suspense mystery. I also received a release date for 13, my thriller anthology story – which is October 4th.
Contracts and new books are always exciting for me, but these last few books are particularly thrilling because by the end of this year I’ll have ten books published!
I wanted to publish ten by age forty (I set that goal for myself the day I signed on for my very first book) and now here it is…only two years later and I’m already there!!!
Now I’ll have to come up with a new number for age 40 (I’m 32, by the way).
All of my works in progress or past manuscripts have been accepted or already published and now I’m sitting here with a completely blank slate for what I’ll write next. I thought that would be a little scary but I’m truly excited to start something completely new.
So, let’s celebrate!!! I’m happy to share at least three more releases coming out by the end of this year with you guys, and I appreciate all of you readers who support me and put up with all my books.
Lots more books coming! So, get your reading glasses on HAHA.
Make sure you guys join the online Facebook event for Cutting Up the Competition on May 24th. I’m giving away tons of paperbacks and ebooks, and I can’t wait to celebrate with all of you.

I had an amazing time at the Louisville Readers and Writers convention and for those of you I met, thank you so much for coming! My favorite part of the day was meeting friends and fans, and getting to talk to you in person. I also met some amazing authors. Here are some of the pics from it…



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