#LifeBooksWriting: My Writing Room.

Posted: May 7, 2016 in Uncategorized

For the #LifeBooksWriting blog challenge, I’ve been asked to describe my “writing room”.
When I write, it’s rarely done in a specific room. But I do have a preferred place to write, and this is it!

My back porch, overlooking the trees and hills.
But…I’m a mother of three, which means I often have to write whenever and wherever I get the chance.
Sometimes I write on my tiny little iPhone, simply because I’m moving around so much that lugging my laptop from room to room is too much work.
These are a couple of the other spots I write.

Notice I’m surrounded by toys! 🙂
And yes, my laptop has duct tape on the side. I love my laptop, and I refuse to give it up just yet…it’s the one consistent thing about my routine: my semi-broken laptop. 🙂


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