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~ Excerpt and Teasers ~


~ Blurb ~

At just twenty­four years old, Carey Madigan was made a widow—by the Russian Mafiya…

Years after her husband’s murder, Carey relocated from Russia back to U.S., where she works

as an assistant curator for a prestigious museum. Her past seemingly left behind, she no longer

looks  over  her  shoulder  or  jumps  at  shadows.  That  is,  until  her  boss  is  murdered—by  the

Russian Mafiya.

Carey’s past comes back to haunt her…

When  the  police  discover  the  nature  of  her  husband’s  untimely  demise,  Carey  becomes  the

prime suspect. But worse, the Mafiya is again pursuing her, and now that she’s seen their faces,

they’re  out  to  silence  her  for  good.  Frightened,  she  turns  to  an  old  friend—CIA  agent  Elena


Dmitry Ivanov is a tech legend in the hacker underworld…

Russian born and raised, Dmitry uses his skills to help the CIA. Filling in for his sister Elena, he

is intrigued when Carey walks through the door. When he sees her reluctance, he realizes he

has to win her trust before he can help her. And if anyone has a chance of clearing her name,

uncovering the motives behind her boss’ murder, and protecting her from the men determined to

end her life, it’s him.

Together,  Dmitry  and  Carey  uncover  a  trail  that  leads  them  to  the  discovery  of  a  priceless

artifact. Now they must fight to keep it—and themselves—out of harm’s way, and convince the

authorities Carey is not a cold­blooded killer.

When the Mafiya is out for blood…No law will keep them safe.


~In The Series ~

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Russian Law (Law Series Book 1)

American Law (Law Series Book 2)


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~ Meet The Author ~Untitled7 (2)

Camille Taylor is an Australian author who resides in the Nation’s Capital with her small dog.

She was the typical 90’s kid and was raised on Goosebumps, Roald Dahl and Paul Jennings. In

her teens she began reading the Queen of Crime, Agatha Christie and in later years found

Christine Feehan, Janet Evanovich and Julie Garwood.

She started writing at sixteen and enjoys spending time with her family, doting on her nieces

and nephews, writing the many stories floating about her head and working on her genealogy

where she can trace her heritage to England, Scotland, Ireland and Russia.

Her other interests include, anything creative—such as scrapbooking and drawing and has

travelled across Western Europe, New Zealand and the UAE, after spending a year living in

London. She’s also dabbled in tae kwon do.

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