In the Margins of my Mind.

Posted: March 17, 2016 in Uncategorized

I’ve been on a cleaning kick this week. Today I’m working on my bedroom, specifically the underside of my bed, which is an overwhelming endeavor. You never know what you might find under there…ammo, books, notebooks, random clothes, old pics, a pack of gummy snacks. It’s a mixed bag. But look at what I found! This was some of my “submission notes” when I was submitting Have You Seen This Girl? to agents. As some of you in the writing world may know, getting an agent first to help with the publishing deal is the “traditional” route. It ended up not being the route I took because I found Limitless publishing, but these notes made me emotional…and they also distracted me from getting any cleaning done HA!

“In the margins of my mind, Wendi’s working overtime. With a story that must be told. Flocksdale.” image1 (28)




  1. seeaton84 says:

    I was disturbed by their choices so much that I HAD to keep reading!

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  2. When you’re finished do you wanna vacation in Florida and help with mine, lol!

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  3. I’m Lmao at you! Thank you for that. My father in law just had a stroke yesterday and he is in comfort care and has a short time left. I needed to laugh.

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  4. So glad you continued on and didn’t give up. Your stories are too good to be sitting on a computer hard drive and not shared with the world.

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