Updates from the reading/writing cave.

Posted: January 16, 2016 in Uncategorized

I posted some of this on the new website blog this week, but wanted to put a post on the main blog as well. If you guys haven’t checked out the new website yet, get over there and check it out!



I’m thrilled about the new website and I’d like to thank my awesome friend Mia of happianarky.com for making the site and the graphics to go with it. She’s amazing and did a superb job. You can read about all of my books there, as well as get autographed copies and contact me directly.

Carnival of Dead Girls officially releases January 26th, but the paperback version is already live on Amazon and the ebook price has been reduced to 99 cents for early buyers! I can’t even get near the third and final book without crying, so I’ll let you guys do the reading for me. I hope the fans are happy with the conclusion of the Flocksdale Files. I’m very pleased with it. My paperbacks are on their way and I can’t wait to see them! If I owe you one from a giveaway, it will be coming soon. Bloggers, I have ARCS! If you’d like an e-ARC of Carnival of Dead Girls, just shoot me an email: carissalynch413@gmail.com


Paperback edition:  http://amzn.to/1JN6Rqw

Kindle edition: http://amzn.to/1jZ4EMn

image1 (5)

Nothing interesting happens in the podunk town of Lamison Point—until a freak show rolls through…


When a traveling carnival stops in the sleepy countryside, sixteen-year-old Josie Crowley is psyched to go with her new friend, Freya. But what started out as a fun-filled night of games, candied apples, and ferris wheel rides quickly spirals into a gut-wrenching encounter with one of the carnival attractions.


Once the excitement is over, Lamison is missing one of its residents…


When Freya is nowhere to be found, Josie suspects the carnival has something to do with her disappearance. Her goal to track down the elusive show leads to an alarming revelation—there is no record of it ever existing. And as she digs deeper, Josie is led to a mysterious town with a tainted past—Flocksdale.


Buried in Flocksdale’s sick, twisted history is where Josie may find the truth…


Creepy clowns, disfigured freaks, and a terrifying haunted house are the least of Josie’s problems…now she has to deal with a group of real-life monsters, otherwise known as the evil Garrett family and new, rising generation of hell-bound freaks.


If Josie is pulled into their world, she may become another member of a carnival of dead girls, where she goes in, and never comes out…



The three-day Flocksdale Files facebook party is January 29th-31st. If you haven’t joined yet, please do! There are more than 30 authors coming to do giveaways and talk about their books with readers, and not only am I donating lots of my own books and swag, but I have more than twenty ebooks that were donated to me by amazing authors to give away too. So, here’s the link to join if you haven’t yet: https://www.facebook.com/events/377975925706185/


In addition to Carnival of Dead Girl’s release, I’m excited to report that I am DONE with “Ricochet”, my short story for the upcoming thriller anthology book. It has been submitted to my publisher. It will feature 13 authors and 13 scary stories. Here’s a little bit about that story:

An abandoned amusement park sits on the outskirts of Crimson County…and the grand reopening of Adventure Town is all its residents can talk about. Everyone’s heard the old stories—a rollercoaster of death that decapitates riders, a carousel of horses that come toimage1 (6) life and eat kids to bits, and the unsolved murders of eight children who died in the mirror maze. But those are only rumors, right? With new employees and a fresh coat of paint, Adventure Town is bound to be a great place for family fun…



I’m not sure when it will be out, but as soon as I have more info, I will let you guys know and reveal all of the other amazing authors who are also included in the book. 🙂

Round one of edits for Cheerleading Can Be Murder (Horror High #1) are also done. It will release April 5th, and I’m super excited (and nervous) about this new series.

I’m currently working on book two of the Horror High series. But mostly, I’m reading all of the books on my book shelf and virtual ebook shelf, so back to my reading/writing cave…….

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!



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