Surprise Cover Reveal/Preorder for Carnival of Dead Girls (Flocksdale Files Book #3) and Other Exciting Updates…

Posted: December 15, 2015 in Uncategorized

My first exciting piece of news is this: Carnival of Dead Girls (Flocksdale Files Book #3) is officially available for preorder!!! You can order it now and it will be available to read by January 26, 2016.

Which of course, you know what this means…I can finally show off my lovely cover by Ashley Byland of Redbird Designs. Ashley designed all of my Flocksdale Files covers, and I am so happy with my newest one!!!

Here it is…

IMG_1671 (1)

Preorder link:

Nothing interesting happens in the podunk town of Lamison Point—until a freak show rolls through… 

When a traveling carnival stops in the sleepy countryside, sixteen-year-old Josie Crowley is psyched to go with her new friend, Freya. But what started out as a fun-filled night of games, candied apples, and ferris wheel rides quickly spirals into a gut-wrenching encounter with one of the carnival attractions.


Once the excitement is over, Lamison is missing one of its residents…


When Freya is nowhere to be found, Josie suspects the carnival has something to do with her disappearance. Her goal to track down the elusive show leads to an alarming revelation—there is no record of it ever existing. And as she digs deeper, Josie is led to a mysterious town with a tainted past—Flocksdale.


Buried in Flocksdale’s sick, twisted history is where Josie may find the truth…


Creepy clowns, disfigured freaks, and a terrifying haunted house are the least of Josie’s problems…now she has to deal with a group of real-life monsters, otherwise known as the evil Garrett family and new, rising generation of hell-bound freaks.


If Josie is pulled into their world, she may become another member of a carnival of dead girls, where she goes in, and never comes out…


Join the Pre-Order Facebook Celebration here:


For those of you who haven’t started the series yet, I’m excited to say that Have You Seen This Girl? (Flocksdale Files Book #1) is free on Amazon for digital download right now!


Have You Seen This Girl? Free here:


For the record, I read Carnival of Dead Girls (Flocksdale Files Book #3) FOUR times last week for editing rounds. And I cried all four times. Not because editing sucks (it does even though I have the most amazing editor – Toni Rakestraw –  who I wouldn’t trade for the world), but because I was so emotional over the last and final book of the Flocksdale Files series. Writing it is one thing. Reading it back is something else entirely. I felt…emotional, but in a good way. I am so happy and satisfied with the last and final book of the Flocksdale Files series. I hope that fans will enjoy the startling conclusion as much as I did. Here’s all of them together…so happy to have them all out and available for the world to read! I hope you all love Wendi, Marianna, and Josie as much as I do…


Believe it or not, I have some additional news to share. I have the official release date for my next book, Cheerleading Can Be Murder (Horror High Book #1). April 5, 2016! So for those of you disappointed about the Flocksdale Files series ending, never fear…I have lots more to come!


I have four books total planned for Horror High and I’m planning to write them my usual way: back-to-back.

In addition to Horror High, I can also now tell you that I’m working on a thriller anthology project with twelve other AMAZING authors, and I’m currently writing a short story for that book. It’s slated for next Halloween and all proceeds will go to charity.

It’s going to be a real thrill ride to say the least…and I simply can not wait to tell you who the other authors are…

On the home front, I’m super excited for Christmas. I love watching all my kiddos open their presents and my husband — who usually works non-stop — gets a few weeks off for vacation this time of year. I have so many people and things to be happy about this year. I’d tell you what I want for Christmas, but the truth is…I already got way more than I could have hoped for.




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