Feature Friday: Bradon Nave

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This Friday, I’m excited to feature amazing author (and friend), Bradon Nave. He’s a great writer, but if he ever gives it up, he should pursue a career in comedy because this guy is so funny!!! And the best part is that his odd humor is filtered into some of his eccentric, brilliant writings.

Here he is, the literary gangster…


Ha Ha! Okay, here’s some info and reviews of his books, and a normal picture…


A Psychological Thriller, by Bradon Nave




“No one is disposable.”



Johnny Tregalis leaves home the minute he turns eighteen, but he’s the only one who knows why…


Arriving in Lake Charles, Louisiana, Johnny has nothing—not even a plan. Local veterinarian Jackson Everett notices the boy, who reminds him of his own teenage son, and offers him a bed for the night.


Meeting Jackson’s wife Graye, his son Jared, and four-year-old daughter Bryce, Johnny sees a family he could never imagine. He’d been raised by his abusive father after his mother disappeared with his younger brother, and he’s sure he’ll be packed off to a shelter in the morning. He can’t believe it when he’s invited to stay indefinitely.


Johnny refuses to discuss his traumatic past as he attempts to fit in…


The Everetts try to help the profoundly troubled teen, but he seems to be at the mercy of his own mind. He’s held captive by flashbacks, excruciating night terrors, and a mounting inability to distinguish delusion from reality. How can he possibly recover, go to school, have friends…have a life?


Physical scars only hint at deeper psychological devastation…


As the shocking truth comes to light, Johnny struggles to overcome years of abuse, poverty, and despicable horrors to become part of a real family, but is he strong enough to defeat his demons? The Everetts realize Johnny’s journey is now their own, but they face a daunting task.


How much sacrifice is too much when all you can hope for is keeping the tarnished?



AVAILABLE NOW➤➤➤ http://amzn.com/B017081L3Y




Bradon Nave was born and raised in rural Oklahoma. He attended a small country school during junior high and high school, and graduated with only three people in his class. After graduate school, he decided to devote his spare time to his passion of writing.Bradon currently lives in Piedmont, Oklahoma, with his wife and two young children.


When he’s not writing, he loves running, being with friends and family, and being outdoors.


Limitless Publishing | Facebook | Twitter | Google + | Website

I’ve read three of Bradon’s books. Keeping the Tarnished, A Darker December, and The Year the Lake Went Low. Here are reviews for each below…



5 star rating

This is one of the best psychological thrillers I’ve ever read. From the very first line, I was hooked and couldn’t stop reading. This is an emotional, gritty thriller about a young boy, Johnny, who’s suffered a great deal of abuse. The author touched on some heavy topics and I loved the way he handled these issues with seriousness, but gentle hands. No matter how screwed up someone is, there’s always somebody out there, willing to love them. And I definitely loved Johnny’s character. All of the characters in this book were so well drawn and the plot flowed perfectly. I felt so connected to Johnny, and I had intense hatred for his father. I loved the way this story played out. The author wove the pieces together well, creating a masterpiece of psychological suspense. I’m a huge fan of Bradon Nave and I can’t wait to read all of his books!



5 star rating

Dark, emotional poetry with each chapter painting its own story. Mr. Nave is an exceptionally talented author and these writings are simply brilliant. I look forward to his upcoming novel, Keeping the Tarnished.
image (8)
5 star rating
Wow! What a book! I don’t know why, but this book gave me the creeps from the very first paragraph. Nave does a superb job of setting the scene and mood of the book, which is dark, gritty, and tragic. The town itself is terrifying, filled with meth addicts and people with HIV. The main character is on a mission — to find out the truth about what really happened to his half-sister. Although, like he says — she isn’t HALF of anything. The main character’s love for his long lost sister and raw pain from her loss are so perfectly portrayed, and I felt like I was feeling what he was feeling, and experiencing the macabre atmosphere for myself. There are some bizarre twists and turns, and the author took me along for the ride. I loved trying to unravel this mystery! The ending is perfect, and was emotional for me. I loved every minute of this story and I’m a big fan of Mr. Nave’s. I can not wait to check out some of his other works!

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