Flocksdale Files Blog Tour: Day Five.

Posted: November 25, 2015 in Uncategorized


It’s the last day of the tour! Thank you Enticing Journey Book Promotions and all the blogs for an awesome week!

Here’s a list of today’s blogs! Go check them out:

book review virginia lee        http://goo.gl/R3gMl1
Bound By Books Book Review      http://goo.gl/MpABhy

Hooked on books http://goo.gl/wuYzJu
Indy Book Fairy http://goo.gl/p2dLGA
Kitty’s Book Spot!      http://goo.gl/PQgbyW
Panty Droppin’ Book Blog        https://goo.gl/lW2QM3
The Kennedy Connection  https://goo.gl/mOnGbQ
The Naughty Librarians Playground       https://goo.gl/OibOiS
Cat’s Guilty Pleasure   https://goo.gl/HXsEFN
JBs Book Obsession      http://goo.gl/H8X4zr
Pinky’s Favorite Reads  http://goo.gl/tqJgLo
Southern Vixens Book Obsessions https://goo.gl/t99W00
The Opening Hook        http://goo.gl/RZPUe9




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