Feeling Thankful: Free books, shelf space, new release, and a secret I’m dying to share…

Posted: November 12, 2015 in Uncategorized

The past couple weeks have been incredible! I like to save it all up to share with you guys in one big heaping post…no, not really…the truth is, I’ve been too busy to post. And I’ll tell you guys why in a few…

My first bit of news: Have You Seen This Girl? is FREE for the next few days!!!! If you haven’t downloaded it yet, please do. And please tell your friends to read it!                 IMG_1493

I requested the book be free for many reasons…I know the holidays are coming and a lot of people need to save their money for Christmas. And I wanted to give readers who I haven’t connected with a chance to check out the series without risking losing any money.

Here’s the cool news: Have You Seen This Girl? is currently on the bestsellers list in more than six countries. Free or not, I’m incredibly thankful to have so many people reading my book. It feels like a dream come true, knowing its in the hands of so many readers.

I also took a trip to my favorite indie bookstore in Louisville this week – Carmichael’s. “There’s my baby!” I shouted, as I saw it on the shelves. Customers were looking at me strangely, and my hair was a crazy mess because I’d been up writing for days…but who cares? Seeing it on a book shelf is a beautiful thing…


Also, House of the Lost Girls was officially released last week! The release party was unbelievable! Thank you to all who came, and to Melanie and Mitsy for hosting. It was so much fun and I met so many new readers!!!

Getting my paperbacks in the mail is always my favorite part. It’s always so exciting to hold what started out as an idea in my hands…


So far, I’ve received great feedback about House of the Lost Girls, and that makes me very happy. I’ll be on tour starting next week with HEA Book Promotions and Enticing Book Tours. I’ll keep you guys updated and post every day of the tours. I’m so excited!!! If you guys haven’t read House of the Lost Girls yet, please check it out!!!

House of the Lost Girls Pic 3House of the Lost Girls Pic 1

IMG_1478So, I’m feeling incredibly thankful this holiday season!!!

Now, onto my big secret…I think I’ve already told you that the last and final book of the Flocksdale Files, Carnival of Dead Girls, is coming out January 26th. Well, when I finished it my plans were to take a break…

But surprise, surprise…I’ve been writing like a madwoman. And…today I submitted the first book in a brand new series to my publisher. It’s a four-book series, and the first book is called Cheerleading Can Be Murder.


Now that it’s submitted, I’m chewing off my nails. This is a brand new project and brings its own new worries and insecurities. Keep your fingers crossed it gets accepted!!!

Regardless of the outcome, my dreams have already been made and exceeded in every possible way…

Thank you to all my readers, fans, and friends. You have made this holiday season a very thankful one for me.


  1. WOW! You are churning out books like nothing! That is so awesome!!!!! I’m really excited about your new series! LOVE the name too!!!!

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