Giving birth to the Flocksdale Files.

Posted: October 21, 2015 in Uncategorized

It’s been an exciting week for ALL of my little book babies that make up the Flocksdale Files. Have You Seen This Girl? received a 5-star review and seal from the Readers’ Favorites, House of the Lost Girls went up for pre-order, and I officially signed my contract for Carnival of Dead Girls. Whew…after waddling around with these manuscripts, my metaphorical “baby belly” was ready to explode. Finally my book babies are entering the world!!!

It’s strange, but true. Publishing is a long, torturous process that eventually results in a tiny gem — your published book. So, in a sense, it is akin to pregnancy, if you ask me. First you have to make the “baby”, and that’s usually a long, grueling process. Once made, you have to cultivate it and make it perfect. Then you have to find the right person to deliver your “baby”…agents, publishers, etc. And once it’s out there, your tiny little book baby, then you have to take care of it and make sure people pay attention to it.

Sorry for the crazy talk tonight, but that’s how I feel about this process. It’s a huge relief having the entire series done and accepted for publication.

OK, here is my shiny little sticker of approval and my review from Readers’ Favorite for Have You Seen This Girl?:

Have You Seen This Girl FRONT COVERIMG_1235

And…House of the Lost Girls is officially available for preorder. Have You Seen This Girl? has been gaining a lot of momentum and I hope my readers will want to continue on with the next installment of the series…                          IMG_1241OFFICIAL COVER FOR HOUS OF THE LOST GIRLS

Meet sixteen year old Marianna Bertagnoli…Her mother is missing. Her friend is murdered. And a man wearing a hideous clown mask is out to get her…Just a typical day in FLOCKSDALE.

Carnival of Dead Girls is done. I don’t have the exact release date or cover yet, but I’m guessing January…It’s going to be a real freak show.  IMG_1244




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