Carnival of Dead Girls is going to kill me…

Posted: October 6, 2015 in Uncategorized

So, I’ve been on a brief blogging hiatus these past two weeks…

Here’s where I’m at in terms of the Flocksdale Files…I’m working on promoting Book #1, finishing up editing rounds for Book #2, and I’m down to the last 10k words for Book #3. Sounds crazy, right?

Not only have I just been busy busy busy…but I’ve been struggling with Book #3: Carnival of Dead Girls. And here’s why: it’s the last book in the series. I don’t know how I want to end it quite yet. dark-carnival-of-immaculate 9297e98434e91bca1cfcf4d0bc1b842f

Truth is, I FINISHED it last week. I felt that usual great sense of satisfaction when I complete a book, but then later that night I was watching a movie…it was one of those movies that affects you for days after you watch it. The kind that makes you feel an array of emotions: awe, anger, sadness, anxiety, trauma…It made me think, really think…

Later that night, I returned to Book #3, my finished product. Still buzzing from that movie. And I erased half of it. Just like that, it was gone.

It wasn’t enough. It didn’t make me *feel* enough, it didn’t leaving me reeling after reading back through it. I want the ending of the Flocksdale Files to be satisfying for not only my readers, but for me.

I’ve spent the week rewriting sections and altering the plot immensely. And now I’m back where I was…a few days away from being done…let’s hope this time I don’t have to go back and DELETE DELETE DELETE.

Now, less about me and my writing pains…House of the Lost Girls is coming Novemeber 3rd!!!! woohoo!!!! The release party is here: COVER BANNER both books

Be there or be square. Or better yet…be there, or I’ll write you into my next book hahaha.

I’m also doing an insane amount of author takeovers this month, and I’ll post the schedule for that tomorrow. I don’t know what it is about giveaways, but I freaking love them! And I’m always excited to find new readers at these events.

Also, I’m going to start doing Feature Fridays, where I post other Limitless Authors and their books. And…one day soon I’m going to start posting all of my reviews on here because I’ve been reading like crazy in the evenings when I need reprieve from the writing struggles.

Once I finish the last book in the Flocksdale Files, there are a million things I could work on. But my Christmas present to myself is going to be a lot of books and a two month break from writing. I know they say you should write everyday, but I need some time to just read and recuperate!


  1. CJ Browne says:

    Just finished ‘Have you seen this girl’. It’s brilliant. Such an emotive read – I’m blown away. So all this delete/revise/delete must be paying off. CJ

    Liked by 1 person

  2. OMG!!! I’m thrilled! I was hoping there would be a third installment!

    Liked by 1 person

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