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My official RELEASE DAY for Have You Seen This Girl? was two days ago, but I’ve been too busy to write! This week has been crazy, but exciting! The Facebook Release Party was a huge success. Over 100 people showed up. Congrats to all of the giveaway winners! Seriously — thank you to everyone who came, and all of the amazing authors who hosted. Also, to all of the bloggers who posted stuff about my release!!! Seriously, there are too many people to thank these days I can’t keep up. Today was my author interview with April Woods from A Well Read Woman’s Blog!!! You can check it out here. Thank you, April!

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  1. So glad the FB release party was a success! It was a lot of fun! 🙂


  2. dj2131 says:

    I just finished Have You Seen This Girl. Not usually my regular genre of reading. ..but I have to say I loved it…it was edgy..with a great twist at the end! I highly recommend this book!
    ~ Chiariwife


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