Preorder and Paperbacks…it’s a beautiful thing!

Posted: September 1, 2015 in Uncategorized

Have You Seen This Girl? is officially available as a paperback or for preorder as an ebook! Here are the links to both:



HYSTG preorder

I’m beyond excited, but I must admit…I’m also nervous. Very nervous. Like butterflies in my stomach, on pins and needles, sort of wanna puke my guts out kind of nervous…There are a lot of folks reviewing the book, and I’m bracing myself for their impact. Truth be told, I’m just happy people are reading it finally. Whether they love it or hate it, it literally brings tears to my eyes thinking about all the blood, sweat, and tears I put into that story. And now people are actually sitting in their homes, reading Wendi’s story! It’s a cool feeling.

The paperback went live a day before the preorder came available, which for some people might have been disappointing…but here’s something about me you might not know: I only read ebooks when I have absolutely no other choice. I’m a die-hard paperback girl. So, for me…as long as my sweet little book I gave birth to arrives home to me soon, I’ll be happy!

The coming weeks are going to be CRAZY! I have interviews coming up, the release party, as well as blog & blitz tours back-to-back. AND while all that is going on…I’m going to be slicing my way through editing rounds for House of the Lost Girls with my amazing editor, Toni. Honestly, I work better and write better when I’m stressed…so bring it on, world! I’m ready for it.


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